December 2, 2022

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About Stumble (Me)

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Hello all and welcome to my geek book site!

I am super glad for you to be here and hopefully my musings find you in a good place.

I am Stumble, or StumbleStoat if you know me from Twitch or Twitter.
I am a 20 something software engineer and web developer with far too much time on my hands. I am your normal geek nerd anime watching millenial. When I am not battling away software bugs and project managers pulling out their hair in frustration, I am normally consuming various forms of media content such as: Anime, Video Games, Youtube, etc.
But more than anything else, I consume books! Geeky books! Hence the creation of this website.

Sharing is caring, or some other wisecrack saying.

I decided to make this site as both a log (blog? vlog?) for myself, and as a way to give back and create to help others and authors, with something that I spend a ton of time doing.


I read about 3 – 4 books a week, in hardcopy, ebook and audiobook format. I would say that 95% of these books are of the fantasy, sci-fi, portal(isekai?), cultivation, and game-lit genres. I have probably gone through a good couple hundred in the past couple years and I want to share my experience and fondness of these particular wonders with other people.



My goal is to put together a compendium of amateurish(at first) sorts, so people like me who are hungry for more wonderful stories can more easily make that decision. I also hope to help authors, by writing about their writing find more readers!

Please comment any questions or comments or fictitious slander below, and I would be happy to chat and get back to you!

All the best,


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