January 23, 2023

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Dukes and Ladders – The Good Guys Book 4 by Eric Ugland

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Dukes and Ladders Cover

Dukes and Ladders

BEWARE! There might be slight spoilers in this review. I will not reveal anything BIG, or what you wouldn’t be able to find in a normal back of the book synopsis.

Dukes and Ladders: The Good Guys Book 4 by Eric Ugland

After breaking a dungeon and making a deal with the God of dungeons, Montana must now look to fulfilling his adopted father’s dream. Building a Dukedom.

After spending all of their money hiring craftsmen and their families to join them, picking up many new characters, Montana finally arrives at the end of the long trek started way back in the first book One More Last Time. New to city building, and dukedom building, Montana finds that he and his party are not fully prepared for what needs doing.

New dangers, new problems, new characters and a few new quests. We continue to follow Montana on his adventures in Vuldranni, and learn how the world is even far more complex than previously shown.

The Good:

Finally, situated in his new home, this book has a refreshing amount of new and wonderfully detailed characters. The diversity of the character races increases by a lot, thus increasing the amount of cultural differences and viewpoints shared. A lot of the previously gained bonuses and stat/abilities are more prominently used in this entry and it makes a lot of the interactions make more sense than previously.

Take for instance that he got bonuses to intimidation, now that he is acting as a duke this hinders his interactions with his followers due to them being a little afraid of him. Those types of effects are much more widely touched upon and explored now that Montana isn’t just interacting with his party or those who have been with him the whole time.

The city building aspect introduced is quite refreshing, and seeing that Montana is very much a person of combat, often his way of helping in the city building is through his violent skills, and how he does so is both creative and as always awesome.


The Bad:

Out of all the books so far, this one was much slower feeling. There are a lot of things I personally would do much differently than Montana, and things that seem glaringly obvious are either ignored by Montana or completely forgotten in some points, which bothered me a bit.


Much less action packed but so much more complexity added. Now the focus of the story I feel splits between Montana’s responsibilities and his growth.

I would give this book an 8 out of 10.

Have you read One More Last Time, Heir Today Pawn Tomorrow and Dungeon Mauling, and Dukes and Ladders by Eric Ugland?

Disagree with my assessment?

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