January 24, 2023

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Dungeon Crawler Carl – LITRPG Series Recommendation

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Dungeon Crawler Carl Cover

Dungeon Crawler Carl Cover

It’s not often I come across a series that gets me in trouble at work for laughing so hard I interupt someone’s meeting 3 cubicles down.

But this one did just that.

Regardless or not I often listen to audiobooks while working, this series is absolutely wonderful.

Dungeon Crawler Carl, the ongoing series by Matt Dinniman takes place inside Earth after a sudden Apocalyptic event brought upon the world by aliens who had been secretly inside the planet since the time of the Pyramids. With 98% of the world’s population dead in an instant, the remaining population has no choice, but to venture down in what is said to be a dungeon.

Following the protagonist Carl, a pantsless Coast Guard vet, who survived all of Earth’s major structures being sucked into the Earth due to chasing his ex girlfriend’s persian cat, Princess Donut, outside into the winter weather. You follow the trials, hilarity and chaos that the 18 floor dungeon has to throw at them.

No only are there all sorts of medieval fantasy style monsters, but aliens of every kind, genetically mashed together to create all sorts of obstacles for our characters to overcome.

Oh yeah did I mention that the dungeon is a Universe wide alien game show where the vast majority of creatures out there are making bets and viewing Earth’s survivors as Entertainment and Sport?

I cannot recommend this series more. Each book is longer than your average LITRPG book, which each addition in the series longer than the last (So far at least.) This makes sense, since each book seems to span 1-1.5 floors of the dungeon. Each floor happening for a longer and longer time period in the series’ timeline.

As always I highly recommend consuming this series in audiobook format if you are able. The series is narrated by Jeff Hays who does a wonderful job with all the voicing, both male and female. Jeff Hays is one of the few narrators that I feel makes a book better due to it’s narration.


So far there is 4 books out, with only 5 of the floors of the dungeon covered. So you can assume that this series will continue for a while. I cannot wait to listen or read the next installment!

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