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The Best LITRPG Series – Series Recommendation List

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This is what you came here for isn’t it! I wish these types of lists were around every time I thirsted for the next best litrpg series to read, but alas they were few and far between! A scant reddit post here, an undetailed goodreads post there, malicious reviews a plenty, because a reader couldn’t be bothered to actually read more than the first few pages…



Below I have assembled a list, not in any particular order(I may make one ranked in the future) of what I feel are the best litrpg series that I have read. Please be aware that these are purely based off my opinions and should not be taken as Holy Geek Gospel, but I will give my reasons as to why I think each is great and give recommendations to help with whether you should give them a read.


Before we go into the list, what is LITRPG?

LITRPG is a sub-genre of fantasy and sci-fi books, that have elements of role-playing games in them.

For example: The Land by Aleron Kong features the protagonist Richter who is transported to another world where, like in a video game RPG, has to level up skills, and stats, all available for him to view in interfaces or huds.

LITRPG characters often will have health bars and mana bars and character screens, inventories in which their goodies are stored in a grid like format. Books with elements such as these are normally considered LITRPG or Gamelit.

Without further ado…

The Land by Aleron Kong

Often seen as many a person’s gateway book into LITRPG, The Land, is a very good book series to start out your journey into the various litrpg series you will inevitably lose yourself in. This series has a little of everything. It has imps, gnomes (rule), elves, dragons, fairies, kobolds, bugbears, goblins, liches, comedy, sarcasm, good guys, bad guys, assholes and some of the most hilarious situations you could ever think of. If you want an adventure that will bring you to you knees crying with laughter, this might be the series for you.

So far it has 8 books out with the 9th book set to come out later this year(2021.)

You can get it in all book formats, though I HIGHLY recommend getting the audio book version read by the award-winning narrator Nick Podehl.

Delvers LLC by Blaise Corvin

A Japanese American Military Veteran Henry Sato and Geeky Software Engineer Jason Booth were out practicing sword fighting when…

THE GREAT GOD DOLOS(truly great and all powerful) teleports them away from Earth to his magical test experiment world called Ludus. The pair must learn magic and level up in order to survive amongst various demons, aliens, and demigods. To do this they may piss off cults, bandits and whole world of unsavory types.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from this book series when I picked it up, but withing three chapters I was completely hooked. It has incredibly well done world building and character development, a wonderful magic system and a host of amazing characters that I personally do impressions of in my daily life today. Blaise does a great job of gripping you and pulling you through all the emotions necessary to tell a good story.

So far the series has 4 books out in the series with another 4 books out as a side series. Delvers LLC book 5 is set to come out later this year, so there is something to look forward to.

This series comes in ebook and audio book format. The audio books are read by the amazing Jeff Hayes who has the most wonderful range in his narration.

The Good Guys/Bad Guys by Eric Ugland

These are actually a pair of series.

  1. The Good Guys – 11 books
  2. The Bad Guys – 6 books

Both are amazing and incredibly well done series set in the same world and time period. Both series see’s either Montana or Clyde getting into a hairy situation on Earth, then each is given the offer of playing a game. Once they sign up, they are whisked away to brand new lives in the medieval fantasy world of Vuldranni.

Each series has a great set of characters and takes your down the rabbit hole of just how expansive and terrifying Vuldranni can be. Various themes of schemes, deceit, romance, adventure, games of thrones, and boneheadedness galore in a world where magic is normally frowned upon. These litrpg series truly show that each decision that the character makes has an impact and consequence on the world at large.

So far there are a collective 17 books in these series so far, and both series have a book just about to be released adding 2 more, so if your want a great collection of books to binge read that you will not be able to put down, these series are definitely ones your should check out.

Both series are available in ebook and audio book formats and the audio books are masterfully narrated by Neil Hellegers, who couldn’t be more perfect a narrator for these series.

The System Apocalypse by Tao Wong

The System Apocalyspe unlike most all the other litrpg book series on this list, takes place on Earth, an Earth that has gone through a drastic change. It has been introduced to mana and converted into a Dungeon World, where all life is either mutated to become monsters, or must use new-found powers, magic and leveling up to survive against the new-found horrors spawning across the world. The series follows the protagonist John, who finds it his mission to further understand these changes and make a better place for the 10% of people who are left after surviving the first few days.

If you like space elves, dragons, mutated baddies, bad ass hi-tech mana weaponry, floating men in skin-tight jump suits and one of the coolest leveling up/magic systems out there, this might be for you. Note: This series is a lot darker than most others on this list (see Apocalypse.) With 10 books out now, and releasing 2-3 books of this series per year, Tao Wong has been really good at keeping us hungry readers satiated.

These books are in ebook and audio book format.

The audio book versions of this amazing series is narrated by the award-winning Nick Podehl, who as always does a great job bringing this interesting version of Earth and beyond to life.

The Gam3 by Cosimo Yap

The Gam3 series, follows a young man named Alan, who after designing his own AI program, decides to jump into the Universe spanning full immersion system called the game, that was brought to earth by invading aliens. In the game Alan must fight off every type of alien, explore strange worlds and battle tooth and nail to level up and gain enough power in order to defend and win back planet Earth.

This series is a roller coaster of jam packed action and really cool upgrades and leveling. It will leave you desperate to join Alan in this brilliant, wonderful, cruel, exciting game, that Cosimo Yap does an excellent job letting you feel a part of. With 3 books in the series out so far and a 4th on the way, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed reading this series.

The books are available in ebook and audio book formats.

Do yourselves a favor and get the audio book version if you can, this series is also narrated by the ever amazing Nick Podehl, making it even better.

Awaken Online by Travis Bagwell

This series follows Jason, a high schooler who is fed up with his parents being gone all the time and the bullies at school making his life miserable. He chooses to escape into the most immersive virtual reality game there is, Awaken Online, which is run by the most powerful AI in the world: Alfred. The game brings him what he feels is true freedom and even a choice to become the world’s villian.

One of the best written book series I have ever read, these books will keep you on your toes and begging for more. When the good guys are bad and the bad guys are almost good. When the game world becomes your friend…

The books are available in all book formats and have 8 books in the series so far.

The audio books are read by David Stifel, who does an awesome job painting this amazing series with his voice.

The Way of the Shaman by Vasily Mahanenko

This was my very first LITRPG series which I listened to on audio book in the car. It ended up with me making excuses to my friends and family to go out on long drives to other states, just so I could listen to it a little more in peace.

The Way of the Shaman follows Daniel Mahan, a man sentenced to 8 years of virtual hard labor for crimes he didn’t commit in the video game world of Barliona. Working in a virtual mine he ends up working hard and finding a way to escape his prison and out into the expansive exciting world of the game. Given the class of shaman and the profession of a jeweler, Mahan must survive through devious schemes, intrigue, giant monster bosses, beautiful women, haunted castles, vampires, angry guilds and more.

A classic in the LITRPG genre, this series has 7 books and is complete. You can get the books in all book formats.

The audio books are narrated by Johnathan Yen and translated from russian by Natalia Nikitin.

The Completionist Chronicles by Dakota Krout

Paraplegic war veteran Joe, is given the chance to be permanently added/downloaded into the world of Eternium. After making the jump he is rated based on his old world’s competencies for his stats and suggested classes. He is offered a rare, taboo and esoteric class of Ritualist and takes it, starting him down the path of changing the very world he has newly choosen to live in.

The series is one of the most hilarious I have ever read. Joe, who is normally incredibly “smart” often finds himself in particularly strange situations due to his less than normal habits and stubborness.

Do you like the idea of becoming a world class “Jumping” Mage? Do you like that most all your class specific spells cause you and those helping you incredible pain? Does the fact that you are inflicted with permenant baldess make your butt look big? Does the thought that elves have New York accents and dwarves are all “bros” bother you? All answered and more in this wonderfully hilarious series by Dakota Krout.

The series has 6 books so far with 1 spin off book in the same world and can be found in all book formats.

This series has 2 narrators, it starts out with Vikas Adam for the first 3 books, and from then on is narrated by the hilarious Luke Daniels.




There your have it! My list of what I consider the best LITRPG series out there at the moment. Please know that I wish I could add another 20 series onto the list, but these are the ones that stuck with me the most. The ones that I feel that I could read over and over again and not get bored. Every one of them is very much worth reading, and worth the money.

Please also check out these author’s other books as well!

Do you agree with my list?

Did you find my suggestions helpful?

Please comment below and let me know what you think! I would love any feedback you all might have!

Also let me know if you have any suggestions or requests for other recommendations, lists and reviews!

4 thoughts on “The Best LITRPG Series – Series Recommendation List

  1. Hi. I consider myself to be a lifelong Tolkien fan. I read all the books I could get my hands on including the Silmarillion and the Lost Tales when I was a teenager. Of course, I read all of these in hardcopy. You say that you strongly recommend the audio version, which brings me to my question. In your opinion is there something about this genre that only works fully if you listen to an audiobook? thanks, Andy

    1. I too am also a huge Tolkien fan!
      To answer your question though, my recommendations for audio books often have to do with the quality of the narrator, just as much as the quality of the book! Often in these books, if you are reading hardcopy, you will see tables and charts, representing the RPG like interfaces that they characters see so that is a big boon for the hardcopy versions…
      In the audio book versions, you also will get sometimes fully voiced casts, OR sound effects! Take The Land by Aleron Kong, narrated by Nick Podehl for instance. Nick adds a ton of sound effects to his narration to denote, character notifications, level ups, etc. 
      In LITRPGs read by Jeff Hays, the narrator for Delvers LLC, he will often have a female narrator along to narrate the female characters or have background music for part that need ambiance or if it is mentioned in the book.
      A lot of the reason I recommend audiobooks is often because I buy both the ebook and the audio book versions. I read along and the narration keeps me engaged. It also allows me to continue “reading” when biking or driving.
       There are a lot of books in this genre that have HORRIBLE narrators, but the books themselves are perfectly fine. I only would recommend the audiobook versions, if the narration is good.

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