November 11, 2022

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Unsouled: Cradle Book 1 – Review

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BEWARE! There might be slight spoilers in this review. I will not reveal anything BIG, or what you wouldn’t be able to find in a normal back of the book synopsis.

Unsouled: Cradle Book 1 by Will Wight

The story follows Wei Shi Lindon, a 16 year old boy in the secluded region of the world called Sacred Valley. Over the course of the beginning of the book, you learn about Sacred Valley and that the people there are cultivators. People who cycle (infuse themselves) with madra, a chi or energy source to make themselves stronger. In Sacred Valley a person is valued often mainly by their level of cultivation, a type of ranking showing how much progress a person has made cycling and cultivating madra in themselves.

Lindon in particular is considered “Unsouled,” someone who either cannot cultivate or who is stuck at the lowest level, and because of this he is often regarded as less than a person and a pariah amongst the peoples of the Sacred Valley.

The story talks about how he goes about trying to overcome what everyone sees as a handicap and the events that unfold that starts him down an amazing adventure and journey.

The Good:

From the get go the story throws you into a situation where you are on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next thing to happen, and then goes on to explain and paint a picture of the setting of the story. The whole flow and plot has just enough hooks to keep you always wanting more.

I love the variety of different viewpoints each character shows on Lindon’s condition, how the culture of Sacred Valley is impressed upon you, with how they treat Lindon, who is widely regarded to them as someone at the lowest place in their cultivation caste system. You are drawn to empathize with Lindon, and further cheer him on for his continual gems of brilliance in dealing with his unfortunate situation.

More than anything though, the characters are wonderfully portrayed. Lindon’s family especially are incredibly well-developed throughout the story, there isn’t a wasted detail, Will Wight uses everything mentioned as a way to move the plot along.

There are so many things to like about this book, and knowing there is more and probably even more fantastical things down the line in the following books will keep you reading them non-stop.

The Bad:

To be completely honest, it is really hard to find things I dislike about the book. If I could add anything more, I would only say that there could be some more “karmic justice” moments in the story since they were oh so juicy and wonderful.


Overall the story is something I can say I could probably read over and over again and still enjoy just as much each time, though the difficulty in that would be that you desperately will want to know what happens next. So far there are 9 books in this series, rather than read this first book over and over again, I would suggest reading the whole series.

Unsouled is most definitely a cultivation story. It has both fantasy and even sci-fi elements as well. Any person who likes cultivation, fantasy or sci-fi would most likely love this book and series.

A good way to categorize the series, based off this first book would be like the Anime/Manga genre of Shounen. Shounen series like, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach, all have themes of a character starting out relatively weak or prejudiced against in some way, and gradually build power and allies that help develop the story in arch. I feel that this book is very similar, and the books further in the series will only prove me right or wrong.

I would give this book a 9 out of 10.

4 thoughts on “Unsouled: Cradle Book 1 – Review

  1. First, thank you for the spoiler alert and disclosure that lets me know just how much discussion there will be of key plot points. I have been looking for that next great summer read that hooks me right from the beginning, and Unsouled: Cradle Book 1 sounds like it could be perfect!

    Based on the “book 1” in the title, are there other books in the series too (either currently published or in the works)?

    1. From my knowledge Book 9 was just “surprise” published in April. Will Wight originally said he would take a year off and instead had book 9 done 5 months after book 8. I can assure you that you will have many an hour of good reading in this series.

  2. I’ve tried chi cultivation to do sexual transmutation. It’s something any one who wants to regain their vitality, creativity or sexual prowes should try.

    This ‘unsouled’ book is a must read for me because I think given my experience i can easily relate and understand what is in there. 

    It may be more real than most people would believe. If it’s not then I would enjoy fantasy and sci-fi then

    1. This book series is a little more Western than other books, so its not as heavily focused on the sexual part of it. Though if you want one that talks about it. I would recommend A Thousand Li: First Step by Tao Wong, which is much more dao and influenced by Chinese culture.

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